In-House Solutions

Charisma offers bespoke in-house training and development courses designed specifically to meet your organization’s needs.

5-step Process for In-House Solutions






In-House Solutions

How Does It Work

We go through a rigorous process to understand the business context for the course and learning needs of the delegates. This process will be a dialogue between you and charisma to access specific challenges and desired outcomes, working in close collaboration ensure that you are satisfied with the proposed course content.

First Aid and CPR

Delivered to DAL Engineering Co

Dear Charisma Workforce training centre,


You have been selected as one of DED TOP L&D service providers, this ranking has been done based on your performance throughout this year.

Training participants have rated you with94% on an average of the training evaluation forms.

Our consultants accredited

Delivered to DAL Engineering Co

Dear Charisma Workforce training centre,

highly-experienced instructors, facilitators and consultants possess a powerful combination of industry know-how, practitioner knowledge and extensive experience from their professional backgrounds. Their work ranges from designing training material

we can deliver interactive content to serve training needs from many industries and are able to cover a wide range of key subject areas such as:

HSE Training Program

TQM Training Program

Human Resource Management

Management and Leadership

Sales and Marketing

Finance and Accounting

Information Technology

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