IOSH Courses in the Sudan

IOSH Approved Center Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

is one of the world’s leaders in health and safety training – more than 130,000 people take one of their courses every year.IOSH is the largest health and safety membership organization in the world, having more than 40,000 individual members in 99 countries, CWD – charisma workforce development has provided IOSH courses for over 4 years and offer training across the Sudan .

Their range of courses are suitable for all levels of staff and provide the insight and practical skills so that employees, managers and businesses can create safer and healthier working environments. CWD trains over 800 learners each year, helping companies across the Sudan to achieve their health, safety and environmental goals.

IOSH Managing Safely

  • It is for anyone in a line management or supervisory role.
  • It’s suitable for all organizations across the Middle East.

Why are IOSH courses so popular?

International recognition 

Improved safety culture

Reduced risk

Which is the best IOSH course for my staff?

IOSH Working Safely

IOSH Managing Safely

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