IOSH Working Safely

Course Overview

IOSH Working Safely introduces learners to the basics of good health and safety. They’ll learn about why health and safety is important and the root, underlying and direct factors that contribute to an accident.

They’ll also cover the risk assessment process and a range of common hazards so that they can confidently and proactively identify and minimise risk in their own workplace.

Who is IOSH Working Safely for?

Companies in all industries who want to create a focused approach to health and safety across the board.

Employees at all levels who need to have a basic understanding of health and safety in the workplace.

What does the course cover?

The course is split into 4 modules and covers:

  • Why health and safety is important
  • The difference between hazards and risks
  • Hazard identification
  • The importance of safety performance within the workplace and how to improve it

How is the course assessed?

Learners must complete a 10 question multiple-choice assessment and hazard spotting activity at the end of the course.

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